Work Zone Safety

The Iron County Road Commission encourages motorists to follow these safe driving tips provided by the Michigan Work Zone Safety Task Force:
Expect Changes – Work zone speed limits are usually reduce. Traffic lanes may change, and workers, vehicles, or equipment may enter the traffic lane unexpectedly.
Minimize Distractions – Don’t use cell phones or engage in distracting activities. Lives are at stake.
Obey Workers and Signs – Road crews know what is best for moving traffic safely. Follow all signs and instructions to merge, slow down or stop.
Don’t Speed or Tailgate – Fines double for speeding in a Michigan work zone. SLOW DOWN!!  Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.
Pay Attention – Vehicles may slow, stop or change lanes unexpectedly. Watch for brake lights and be prepared to react to traffic.
Be Patient and Calm – Work zones are a necessary step to improve our roads and make your future drive better.

2023 Flood- Bradley Rd. Before and After

2023 Flood- Parks Farm Rd. Before and After

Premo creek flooding

2023 Flood-Premo Creek Rd. Before and after

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The Iron County Road Commission announces that EFFECTIVE 7:00 a.m., MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2024, county- wide Spring Road Restrictions will be LIFTED.

The spring road restriction period usually lasts around 63 days. The road restriction period has started as early as January 31 and has ended as late as June 1.

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